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FCC Requirements Regarding Disclosure Of Customer BNA

As a telecommunications company, HCTC is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission and the Texas Public Utilities Commission. Those agencies require disclosures, public notifications, and the posting of general information on policies pertaining to services and company operations.

Federal Communications Commission Requirements RegardingDisclosure of Customer Billing Name and Address Information CC Docket 99-115 Hill Country Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (HCTC) is required by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to disclose customer billing name and address (BNA) information to inter-exchange carriers, upon request, for uses other than marketing purposes. For example, calls such as collect or third number calls may be carried by an inter-exchange carrier who:

1) is not your presubscribed inter-exchange carrier; and, 2)does not have a billing contract with HCTC.With the FCC’s ruling, your BNA can be released to these inter-exchange carriers, when requested; in order to bill such calls as described above. Your BNA can also be released for several other reasons, which include verification for pre-subscription and new address purposes, fraud prevention, and similar non-marketing purposes.

CUSTOMERS WITH UNLISTED/NONPUBLISHED NUMBERS HAVE THE RIGHT TO REQUEST THAT THEIR BNA NOT BE DISCLOSED. However, if you request this, you will unable to place third number calls or receive collect calls.

If you still wish to prohibit your BNA, you must download, complete, sign and return the form below. Otherwise, we will presume that you consent to the release of your BNA and will release the information upon request.

Should you have questions, please call our Business Office at (830) 367-5333 or 1-800-292-5457.

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